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CHARL holds 2019 Annual General Membership Meeting & Christmas Party

CHARL held its Annual General Membership Meeting, Election of Trustees and Christmas Party last December 1, 2019 at the Gardenville Food & Events Venue, 0123 J. Alaba St., Bool, Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

The Club President, DU7LEN-Lawrence, delivered his annual accomplishment report, while the Club Treasurer, DV7BMY-Kimoy, updated the members of the financial status of the Club.

During the Election of Trustees, eleven (11) were elected/re-elected:

1. Alex M. Cuñado (DV7BMK) – 31 votes
2. Lawrence L. Medilo (DU7LEN) – 29 votes
3. Ralph Jacob D. Medina (DV7BLX) – 28 votes
4. Marito B. Gamalo (DV7BMG) – 26 votes
5. Ralph L. Bonita (DW7BLG) – 25 votes
6. Kim Denno C. Cirujales (DV7BMY) – 23 votes
7. Noel D. Padonat (DV7ICP) – 22 votes
7. Charlito R. Mende (DV7BLT) – 22 votes
7. Robin O. Liray (DW7BNK) – 22 votes
10. Adrian A. Embradura (DY7BNV) – 20 votes
11. Arvin D. Quibir (DY7BPF) – 18 votes

The winners were declared after the canvassing by the Election Committee. The members of the Election Committee were: Dario P. Bucia (DV7BPD) as chairman, and Eduardo L. Teves (DV7BPT) and Jose C. Mariñas III (DW7BRX) as members.

The Club’s Annual Christmas Party followed.

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