The Chocolate Hills Amateur Radio League, Inc. was organized by a group of 33 amateurs in Bohol on January 31, 1986. A month later, on March 8, we became an affiliate member club of the Cebu Amateur Radio League, Inc., now Cebuano Amateur Radio League, Inc. (CARL) – thus giving us instant recognition by the Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) which is the umbrella organization of all Amateur Radio Clubs in the Philippines, and also by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). We were the first affiliate member club of CARL!

The club’s first president was Dr. Margarito G. Lim (DU7RI, later 4F7RI), and our first office was located at 166 CPG North Avenue, Cogon, Tagbilaran City. It was moved to #1 H. Grupo Street in 1992 but was moved back to its original location in 1994.

In early 1987, our Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws were adopted. That same year, we were able to put up our own repeater system at Jandig, Maribojoc on frequency 145.000 MHz plus 600 KHz in the 2-meter band. We were then able to purchase a 40-meter HF transceiver which enabled us to communicate with other PARA-member clubs in the country and the rest of the world. The general calling frequency of PARA in the 40-meter band is 7.045 MHz.

On May 22, 1987, the club was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-stock, non-profit organization and was accredited by the National Telecommunications Commission on October 21, 1987. We are Bohol’s first and only member club of the Philippine Amateur Radio Association, given the Certificate of Affiliation No. 0008-87 on July 18, 1987.

In late 1998, due to the efforts of Gerry Marmito (DU7BBY, now DU7AU), we then moved our repeater’s receiver unit to Dauis town while strengthening our transmitter unit in Jandig, Maribojoc town, and installing a new transmitter system in Mayana, Jagna town, via repeater link. The link was finally complete with the addition of a receiver unit in Mayana during the turn of the new millennium. Hams from all over the province can now communicate via portable radio.

CHARL is aimed at improving the amateur radio service thru the development of the skill in the science & technology of radio communications thru experimentations, expeditions and others. CHARL members also provide free services to the public in the form of civic duties, assistance, rescue operations, etc., thru radio communications.

From a modest 33 charter members in 1986, the club now grew to more than 200 members coming from all over the province.

The original 33 charter members are as follows:

  1. Alba, Roberto
  2. Ang, Alberto
  3. Besas, Alvin
  4. Blanco, Julio
  5. Blanco, Rodolfo
  6. Dumadag, Venerando
  7. Labado, Salvador
  8. Lao, Jorge
  9. Lim, Alexander
  10. Lim, Elmer
  11. Lim, George
  12. Lim, Guido
  13. Lim, Leo
  14. Lim, Margarito
  15. Lim, Morris
  16. Lim, Pek Jen
  17. Lim, Rodolfo
  18. Lim, Steven
  19. Moore, Aleth
  20. Nazareno, Roberto
  21. Ong, Frederick
  22. Ormoc, Joseph
  23. Sanchez, Baby
  24. Sanchez, William
  25. Sia, Cipriano
  26. Uy, Albert
  27. Uy, Edilfonso
  28. Uy, Margaret
  29. Uy, Prisco
  30. Uy, Roy
  31. Yap, Albert
  32. Yap, John
  33. Yap, Simplicio

The Club’s past and present Club Trustees are as follows:

  • +Olivo M. Cinco (DU7OMC)
  • +Emilio “Mel” B. Borja (DU7EBB)
  • Salvador J. Lamoste (DU7BDS, now DU7AL)
  • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7AU) – current trustee

Past Presidents:

1986 • Dr. Margarito G. Lim
1987 • Dr. Margarito G. Lim (DV7RI)
1988 • Dr. Margarito G. Lim (DU7RI)
1989 • Pek Jen Lim (DU7JN)
1990 • Pek Jen Lim (DU7JN)
1991 • Elmer Lim (DU7RX)
1992 • Lux Charmaine Dumadag (DU7BCD)
1993 • Lux Charmaine Dumadag (DU7BCD)
1994 • Dr. Margarito G. Lim (DU7RI)
1995 • Dr. Margarito G. Lim (DU7RI)
1996 • Dr. Margarito G. Lim (4F7RI)
1997 • Dr. Margarito G. Lim (4F7RI)
1998 • Leonides L. Borja (DU7BBL)
1999 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7BBY)
2000 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7BBY)
2001 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7BBY)
2002 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7BBY)
2003 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7BBY)
2004 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7BBY)
2005 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7BBY)
2006 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7BBY)
2007 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7BBY)
2008 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7BBY)
2009 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7BBY)
2010 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7BBY)
2011 • Gerald R. Marmito (4F7BBY)
2012 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7AU)
2013 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7AU)
2014 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7AU)
2015 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7AU)
2016 • Gerald R. Marmito (DU7AU)
2017 • Gerisse Marie U. Marmito (DU7GMM)