Student Members

Bonafide Student Members (in good standing) for Calendar Year 2018:

ID No. Name Call Sign
18S-001 Matt Yrseth U. Marmito DU7MTT
18S-002 Therry May U. Marmito DV7TER
18S-003 Kyle Graciano T. Cornejo DY7BPC
18S-004 Laurence M. Lamoste DW7BLV
18S-005 Lee Brian M. Lamoste DW7BLC
18S-006 Ralph Jacob D. Medina DW7BLX
18S-007 LeAnne L. Moralde DY7BLD

Last updated: May 25, 2018

NOTE: For those who are not in the list, please contact our Club Treasurer, DV7BMY, to have your account updated. Thank you.