Thursday, July 25Please join our Nightly Net at 145.000 MHz -600 KHz (Duplex)

As a Member of CHARL

Here are some things you should remember:

The NTC requires all radio amateurs to be a member of an accredited amateur radio club.

However, being a member DOES NOT give you a license to operate a transceiver. Licensure examinations for amateur radio operators are conducted by the NTC regularly.

The amateur frequency, as assigned by the NTC is from 144.000 to 146.000 MHz. It is therefore understood that NO COMMERCIAL TRAFFIC shall be transmitted on these frequencies. Even a bigger NO is the relay of COMMERCIAL TRAFFIC through the repeater.

We have our nightly net every 8:30 pm on frequency 145.000 MHz minus 600 KHz duplex with 88.5 Hz tone. Radio nets are a kind of roll calls of amateur radio stations in the area. You are invited to join the net every evening.

Club members and even non-members meet quarterly for our QUARTERLY GENERAL EYEBALL and every December for our ANNUAL GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING. The day, time and venue of the Eyeball will be announced during the Net, FB group/page, website or thru written communications. Everybody are invited to attend.

There are, as in any club membership, annual dues to be paid. It is important that you make these payments as soon as you are accepted so that we can officially register your name to PARA and the NTC. Annual Dues may be payable annually or quarterly, or even monthly.

Always use your NTC-assigned amateur call sign when in the amateur frequency. Learn to use the more common Q-CODES. The best way to learn them is to join and monitor the radio nets.

It is important that a station should CLEAR the frequency after every QSO. Make your traffic through the repeater as short as possible. If you can hear each other on simplex, PLEASE GO TO OTHER FREQUENCIES to allow other stations to use the repeater.

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