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CHARL gives out Awards to outstanding members and hams. For 2018, the awardees are as follows:


Presented during the 32nd CHARL Anniversary, Grand Eyeball and Induction & Oath-taking of Officers & New Members last January 28, 2018 at the Bohol Tropics Resort Club, Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

The Awardees together with the Chairman of the Awards Committee, Monico Sayon, Jr., DW7BMX (extreme left) and CHARL President Gerisse Marie Marmito, DU7GMM (2nd to the left).



Outstanding Boholano Ham in the field of Communication Assistance:

The award is given to those who are active in providing radio communication assistance to the public whether in times of emergencies and calamities or ordinary events, monitors the club’s frequency, an active net controller or regularly checks-in the nightly nets, and such other related activities which involve the use of amateur radio communications.

DW7BMN has been active in providing ready assistance to any person thru amateur radio communications, he has relayed various emergency or ordinary contacts, is an active resident of the club’s frequency, regularly handles our nightly nets or he checks-in on a regular basis.



Outstanding Boholano Ham in the field of Community Service:

The award is given to Boholano Hams who actively participate in Club meetings and activities and at the same time, also actively participates in activities and events in his community or locality. Despite being an active Ham, the awardee has the enthusiasm to offer and give his talents and services to the community or to non-governmental organizations or groups.

DV7BMG is an active figure in club meetings and activities. He has been coaching the HNU girls volleyball team, as well as their barangay’s team. He is also an active member and former President of DATODA.



Outstanding Boholano Ham in the field of Government Service:

The award is given to Boholano Hams who is an active member of the club and, at the same time, a public servant who has immensely contributed his services to the government and the public.

DW7BDC is the epitome of public service. He is a multi-awarded governor and public servant who is the main architect in steering Bohol towards development. But despite his hectic schedule, he never forgets the club and his love for amateur radio.



Outstanding Boholano Ham in the field of Technical Development:

The award is given to a Boholano Ham who is an active member of the club and participates in club meetings and activities, and who adheres to and active involvement and application through the years of one of the tenets of amateurism: Technical Development thru experimentation and home-brewing.

DU7AU has been our Club President for 18 years prior to becoming our Club Trustee. His dedication to amateur radio is an example every Ham should emulate. It is him whom we approach and ask for help and guidance when we have questions about radios and antennas, and he is very much willing to help. He has tinkered with radios since time immemorial and has designed and fabricated various antennas.



Outstanding Boholano Ham in the field of Volunteer Service:

The award is given to a Boholano Ham who has attended and actively participated in meetings and activities of the club, as well as actively participated in external volunteer services and assistance.

DW7BLX has attended all club meetings and activities all year long, except for two. When called to serve the club, he is one of those who immediately volunteers. He never shies away from responsibilities even at a young age. He has exhibited enthusiasm in amateur radio despite being a High School student. Outside CHARL, BLX is also a member of HART and is active in his schools extracurricular activities.