Thursday, July 25Please join our Nightly Net at 145.000 MHz -600 KHz (Duplex)

Net Calls

The CHARL 2-meter (VHF) Net

The CHARL Repeater at Dayo Hill, Mayacabac, Dauis, Bohol

We have our nightly net every 8:30 PM on frequency 145.000 Mhz minus 600 Khz duplex.

Radio Nets are a kind of roll calls of amateur stations in the area.

We are encouraging all CHARL members and non-members to “check-in”, convey any announcements or to contact other stations. It is also open to DX stations who can trigger the repeater on duplex or can contact the Net Controller on simplex.

You are invited to join the net every evening.

The 500 Repeater

CHARL’s Repeater frequency is 145.000 (simplex) and/or 145.000 – 0.600 (duplex), PL:88.5.

Current Status

November 1, 2018: The Repeater is OPERATIONAL.

Location and Use

Our repeater is located on top of Dayo Hill in Mayacabac, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol. The town of Dauis is located 3 kms. from the Tagbilaran City business district. The repeater is open to all foreign or local amateur radio enthusiasts.

Coverage Area

The 500 Repeater, being strategically located on one of the highest areas in Panglao Island, can cover a large span of area due to its unhindered line-of-sight propagation over Tagbilaran City, most of Bohol’s towns, and some areas in southern Cebu, Negros Oriental, Siquijor and northern Mindanao, all using external antenna. If you are using HT, coverage includes the whole of Panglao Island, Tagbilaran City and some towns near the city.

Protocol During Repeater Downtimes

Sometimes repeaters fail – during brownouts/blackouts or the backup batteries are empty.

The protocol for DX7BC is to use the output frequency of 145.000 in SIMPLEX mode during a repeater outage. Disable or turn OFF your transceiver’s OFFSET settings so that you will be listening and transmitting on 145.000. No PL is needed for simplex operation.