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CHARL holds General Membership Meeting & Christmas Party

CHARL’s Annual General Membership Meeting, Election of Trustees and Christmas Party was recently held last December 2, 2018 at the Udtohan Residence, Sen. Aquino Jr. Ave., Tagbilaran City.

The activity started with the meeting wherein Engr. Gerisses Marie Marmito (DU7GMM) reported on the Club’s activities for the calendar year 2018. Club Treasurer, Kim Denno Cirujales (DV7BMY), reported on the financial status of the club.

It was followed by the elections for the four (4) seats in the Board of Trustees vice Monico H. Sayon (DW7BMX), Michael P. Madria (DW7BMN), Kim Denno C. Cirujales (DV7BMY) and Laica Mae M. Lamoste (DV7BLE), whose term will end on December 31, 2018.

Elected to a new 3-year term are:

  1. Laica Mae M. Lamoste (DV7BLE) – 30 votes
  2. Michael P. Madria (DW7BMN) – 29 votes
  3. Kim Denno C. Cirujales (DV7BMY) – 27 votes
  4. Charlito R. Mende (DV7BLT) – 16 votes

The Election Committee was composed of Emelito Doroy (DY7BOD), Chairman; Agustin Cajigal Jr. (DW7BTN) of CHARL-Valencia; and Jose Mariñas III (DW7BRX) of ARCCO, as members.

From left: Agustin Cajigal Jr. (DW7BTN), Emelito Doroy (DY7BOD), Kim Denno Cirujales (DV7BMY), Charlito Mende (DV7BLT), Laice Mae Lamoste (DV7BLE), Michael Madria (DW7BMN) and Jose Mariñas III (DW7BRX)

In the evening, CHARL’s Christmas Party was held in the same venue.

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