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CHARL Board elects New Officers for CY 2019

The Board of Trustees of the Chocolate Hills Amateur Radio League, Inc. (CHARL) elected their Officers for Calendar Year 2019 during the Board Meeting held last January 17, 2019 at the Udtohan Residence, Sen. Aquino Jr. Ave., Tagbilaran City.

Elected are the following:

  • President: Lawrence L. Medilo (DU7LEN)
  • Executive Vice President: Gerisse Marie U. Marmito (DU7GMM)
  • Vice President for External Affairs: Maria Theresa U. Marmito (DU7TES)
  • Vice President for Internal Affairs: Marito B. Gamalo (DV7BMG)
  • Corporate Secretary: Alex M. Cuñado (DV7BMK)
  • Treasurer: Kim Denno C. Cirujales (DV7BMY)
  • Auditor: Charlito R. Mende (DV7BLT)
  • Public Information Officer: Evaresto C. Jumawid (DY7BMT)

The rest of the Board of Trustees are:

  • Michael P. Madria (DW7BMN)
  • Laica Mae M. Lamoste (DV7BLE)
  • Noel D. Padonat (DW7ICP)
  • Robin O. Liray (DW7BNK)

Appointed Chairpersons to the Standing Committees are:

  • Membership and Disciplinary Committee: Marito B. Gamalo (DV7BMG)
  • Finance Committee: Kim Denno C. Cirujales (DV7BMY)
  • Audit Committee: Charlito R. Mende (DV7BLT)
  • Field Day and DX-pedition Committee: Noel D. Padonat (DW7ICP)
  • Emergency and Disaster Communications Committee: Michael P. Madria (DW7BMN)
  • Ways and Means Committee: Gerisse Marie U. Marmito (DU7GMM)
  • Attendance and Awards Committee: Evaresto C. Jumawid (DY7BMT)
  • Publicity and Public Relations Committee: Michael P. Madria (DW7BMN)
  • Technical Development Committee: Noel D. Padonat (DW7ICP)
  • Net Operations Committee: Michael P. Madria (DW7BMN)
  • Election Committee: Emelito F. Doroy (DY7BOD)

The Induction and Oath-taking of Officers and New Members will be held on February 2, 2019.

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