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Element 4

Disclaimer: We made a question pool available to the public to test their readiness to take the NTC Amateur Radio Exam. The question provided herein are taken from various review materials and are not the actual questions given by the NTC. These questions are only for review purposes. By answering these sample questions, you hereby agree to free CHARL from any accountabilities or liabilities resulting from the use or misuse of these materials. 73’s! 

Note: As per rules, the examinee must obtain an average of at least 70% of the 3 elements per class, with no score below 50% in any of the elements. We provided a 40-minute limit to answer each element to simulate actual exam conditions.


Class “C” (Technician Class), Element 4


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#1 To stimulate speech signal, this test is used.

#2 What is the symbol of Inductance?

#3 The speed of light is

#4 A frequency band where Audio Waves fall.

#5 If the frequency is 400 Mhz, what is the wavelength?

#6 The radiation intensity of an antenna is measured with

#7 The extent of reflection of radio waves in a transmission line can be measured with a

#8 If two resistors valued at 20 ohms and 30 ohms, respectively, are connected in parallel, the total equivalent resistance is

#9 Three cells, each with an EMF of 1.5 and an internal resistance of 0.3 ohms, are connected in series, and a resistance of 14.1 ohms is connected across the group. How much current flows in the circuit?

#10 What is the second harmonic of 1200 Hz?

#11 The frequency band used for shortwave radio broadcast is on

#12 The two-tone test is used in SSB transmitter to

#13 If the operating frequency is 150 MHz, the wavelength is

#14 A voltmeter connected across a resistance reads 52V and an ammeter connected in series with the resistance reads 1.3A. What is the value of the resistance?

#15 To effect maximum transfer of power from the final output stage of a transmitter to the antenna, there must be

#16 What is the capacitance of a 12 uF capacitor in parallel with a 6 uF capacitor?

#17 If the transmitter output is not matched with the antenna, what must be the effect aside from reduced power?

#18 An electrical circuit with equal reactances is said to be

#19 Brown, Yellow, Red

#20 Yellow, Orange, Brown

#21 The resistance of an open circuit.

#22 Frequency of operations when the wavelength of the radio signal is one meter long.

#23 The circuit element that opposes any change in voltage.

#24 No. 16 copper wire has a resistance of 0.85 ohms per 1 meter. What is the resistance of 2 kilometer of this wire?

#25 Audio waves operate within the band.