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Element 3

Disclaimer: We made a question pool available to the public to test their readiness to take the NTC Amateur Radio Exam. The question provided herein are taken from various review materials and are not the actual questions given by the NTC. These questions are only for review purposes. By answering these sample questions, you hereby agree to free CHARL from any accountabilities or liabilities resulting from the use or misuse of these materials. 73’s! 

Note: As per rules, the examinee must obtain an average of at least 70% of the 3 elements per class, with no score below 50% in any of the elements. We provided a 40-minute limit to answer each element to simulate actual exam conditions.


Class “C” (Technician Class), Element 3


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#1 To produce higher output current, dry cells should be connected in

#2 The instrument used to measure resistance is

#3 Siemens is a unit of

#4 What is the unit of Wave cycle?

#5 What is the frequency being used for transmission when wavelength is 2 meters long?

#6 Two resistors valued at 3 and 6 ohms, respectively, are connected in parallel. The resultant equivalent resistance is

#7 Audio Frequency waves are also known as

#8 Three resistors each valued at 20 ohms are connected in series. If they are connected in parallel to another resistor whose value is 30 ohms, what is their total equivalent resistances?

#9 An electrical current that changes polarity periodically is called

#10 A carbon resistor color coded green, black, orange has a resistance equal to

#11 Frequencies comprising Very High Frequency.

#12 What should you do to prevent shock when working on a high voltage power supply?

#13 The instrument used to measure voltage is

#14 The circuit element that opposes any change in current.

#15 Instrument used to measure electric power.

#16 A Wheatstone Bridge measures

#17 What is the unit of Resistance?

#18 Instrument used to present test signals in frequency domain.

#19 The logarithm of the ratio of output power over the input power multiplied by 10 is

#20 What is the unit of Inductance?

#21 The decimal equivalent of picofarad.

#22 Connecting a resistor in parallel with a meter will

#23 The circuit element that stores an electric charge is

#24 An open circuit has resistance of

#25 Parallel conductive plates with dielectric in between are the component parts of a(n)