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Element 2

Disclaimer: We made a question pool available to the public to test their readiness to take the NTC Amateur Radio Exam. The question provided herein are taken from various review materials and are not the actual questions given by the NTC. These questions are only for review purposes. By answering these sample questions, you hereby agree to free CHARL from any accountabilities or liabilities resulting from the use or misuse of these materials. 73’s! 

Note: As per rules, the examinee must obtain an average of at least 70% of the 3 elements per class, with no score below 50% in any of the elements. We provided a 40-minute limit to answer each element to simulate actual exam conditions.


Class “C” (Technician Class), Element 2


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#1 The Philippines is divided into how many radio amateur radio districts?

#2 What is the coverage of Element 4 for class C examination?

#3 Class A licensee shall be authorized to operate HF fixed or mobile radio station with power output not to exceed

#4 Class A licensee shall be allowed to operate HF fixed and mobile radio station with an output power not exceed

#5 The radio frequencies allocated for amateur stations shall be used strictly in accordance with the ________ of the operating station.

#6 Class B is equivalent to ___________________ of radio amateur.

#7 What law did the Philippine legislature enact which is known as the Radio Control Law of the Philippines?

#8 Morse Code speed requirements for Class A amateur radio operator.

#9 To facilitate the reception of distress calls, all transmissions on 145 MHz shall be kept to a minimum and shall not exceed

#10 Amateurs from other countries may be allowed to operate in the Philippines provided Filipinos are allowed to operate in their country. This formal or informal arrangement is known as

#11 Maximum term of an amateur radio station license

#12 What do you call a radio station in the amateur service installed at a specified fixed location and operated to communicate with an Amateur mobile station, portable station or either amateur stations?

#13 Simultaneous transmission of sound and picture (amateur TV) on all freq. above ________ is allowed and authorized by the NTC.

#14 Radiotelephone distress signal is

#15 An applicant for an amateur Class D license is eligible if he passes what element?

#16 An amateur club station is licensed under the name of

#17 What should an amateur do upon knowing that his station is causing harmful interference to the operation of any existing station?

#18 An amateur license may be filed for renewal __________ prior to its expiration date.

#19 What government agency is responsible for the regulation of the amateur radio service in the Philippines?

#20 A registered ECE may take Class B exam but shall be required to pass

#21 An amateur association should have how many licensed members to qualify for accreditation by the NTC?

#22 NTC May grant the Authorization to install and operate a repeater to whom?

#23 Amateurs are prohibited to collect

#24 If the equipment of a radio station is capable of operating with RF power output in excess of ____________, it should be provided with means of measuring the node voltage and current of the stage supplying power to the antenna.

#25 When shall an amateur make his station and documents available for NTC inspection?