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Element 2

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Disclaimer: We made a question pool available to the public to test their readiness to take the NTC Amateur Radio Exam. The question provided herein are taken from various review materials and are not the actual questions given by the NTC. These questions are only for review purposes. By answering these sample questions, you hereby agree to free CHARL from any accountabilities or liabilities resulting from the use or misuse of these materials. 73’s! 

Note: As per rules, the examinee must obtain an average of at least 70% of the 3 elements per class, with no score below 50% in any of the elements. We provided a 40-minute limit to answer each element to simulate actual exam conditions.


Class “C” (Technician Class), Element 2


Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.
Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.
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#1 What should an amateur without distress traffic do on the emergency frequency on 2 meters to make sure no distress traffic is taking place?

#2 What government agency is responsible for the regulation of the amateur radio service in the Philippines?

#3 An examinee in the code test is considered passed if he has transcribed at least 2/3 of the text and committed no error for a period of

#4 In the amateur band, what kind of message should not be transmitted?

#5 Class C licensee is authorized to operate an HF fixed station with an output power not exceeding

#6 An amateur license may be filed for renewal __________ prior to its expiration date.

#7 An amateur club station is licensed under the name of

#8 How should frequency bands allocated to a particular class of amateurs be used by duly authorized amateurs?

#9 In morse code exam, a candidate shall be considered passed, if he can receive without error plain text during a period of one minute provided at least _________ of the entire text for 5 minutes is transcribed.

#10 In radioteletype transmission, the frequency shift shall not exceed

#11 What is strictly prohibited under the rules governing operation of the amateur station?

#12 What is the coverage of Element 4 for class C examination?

#13 Class C Amateur is also known as belonging to a

#14 What document shall a duly registered amateur club with NTC for the management of the member for the proper use of amateur frequency bands and prevention of harmful interference?

#15 The Philippines is divided into how many radio amateur radio districts?

#16 What is the minimum age of an applicant for Class D exam?

#17 Maximum power for VHF transceivers authorized for Class D amateurs

#18 Class A is equivalent to ___________________ of radio amateur.

#19 The content of a radio message shall be divulge only to the

#20 The radio frequencies allocated for amateur stations shall be used strictly in accordance with the ________ of the operating station.

#21 In case of loss of a certificate of amateur radio station license, what should an amateur do?

#22 What should an amateur do upon knowing that his station is causing harmful interference to the operation of any existing station?

#23 Maximum term of an amateur radio station license

#24 What frequency range on 2 meter VHF can be used by amateurs in the Philippines?

#25 All stations, upon hearing a distress call, should